The Visit to the Hill

In prayer on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 I was prompted to return to Georgia and visit the Gray family farm, which Our Lord had identified. We visited the hill on October 20 and we prayed as we ascended the hill. As we came to the top there was show of lights as many present saw rainbows, the sun dancing and spinning. Signs from Heaven itself were given. I knew this was the place God had chosen. It was breathtaking!

    The Bible passages I had received when this mission began were once again reinforced.

  • Rebuild My Temple (the Church)
  • It lies in ruins (the Church)
  • It sits on a hill.

Our Church lies in ruins and it needs to be built up. Jesus prayed most of the time on a mountain. Mountain means presence of God. Pray and join us in building God’s temple.

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