The Call to Visit The Hill

Mom and I got out of the car and stood holding the front gates looking at the building. I said to the Lord "What are you waiting for, to do something with this building?" Just then I heard a voice within me say "I am waiting for you!" "FOR ME???" I blurted out in shock. My mom said; "What did you say?" I told her what just happened, she said "You! What would you do with this?" I was thinking the same thing, "what would I do?"

That night and many other nights for about two weeks, I could not sleep. The Lord had planted a seed in me, a drive that I never felt before. I could think of nothing else; "O.K. Lord, what am I to do with this, and what will I call it?"

The same voice from within said: "It will be called the Sacred Heart Center for Peace!" I knew it would be a retreat center with many other functions.

Thinking how beautiful it must be, I wanted to get inside the building. Windows broken on the outside, didn't mean that the inside was harmed.

A friend of mine, called the village and got the insight as to who we needed to talk to about letting us take a tour. The appointment was made and on October 6th, 1998, seven people that I pray with came for the grand tour. Entering, we were all in shock. Gangs had totally destroyed the whole building, including the Church. Being that the building is at least 350 thousand square feet, it took us a couple of hours to go through the whole thing. Before leaving, we all prayed in the Church and asked God to help whoever did these terrible things.

The seven of us went out for lunch, and were told by our friend, who set up the appointment, that there was a referendum coming up in the election on November 3rd for the Park District to purchase the old Maryknoll property. It would be knocked down and used for open fields. As we were leaving the restaurant, I prayed to the Holy Spirit for enlightenment as to what to do. The inspiration came, a fast would be done for three days with everyone's consent. All seven of us agreed, and we thanked God.

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