God Continues His Preparations

Although things did not move forward at the monastery we never became discouraged as God had used this time for further preparation of the Center. He answered our prayers in bringing more people into the planning and designing of the Center, which we needed. We miraculously acquired an architect, Paul Verpillot, who donated all his time and effort in providing many architectural renderings for the Center. God also brought Michelle Romano to us, who did all our business plans for us, another one who graciously volunteered her time. It is important to note here, that these people were brought to us through persevering prayer and in the exact time we needed them. Without our knowing it, God was also preparing for where the Center would be built in the future which began with a casual meeting with Barbara Gray in January 2005, which was set up by a friend of theirs. During this meeting, Barbara mentioned that she and her husband Gordan had purchased a parcel of land in North Georgia. They flet called to build a chapel for Our Lady and use the land as a place of retreat for priests and youth.

I was invited by Our Lady to return to Medjugorje for the second time in my life. I believe now it was not only to purchase a beautiful lifelike statue of Our Lady, but to share this pilgrimage with the Gray Family.

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