Prayer and Fasting

The months of January through March 1999, have been devoted to much prayer, fasting, and asking the Lord's help in opening the doors.

During Holy Week, thirty three people that I pray with, fasted. If some could not fast on bread and water for four days, they went without lunch or a TV program for four days. This was all done for the project.

A video, showing the destruction, and a letter in Polish was sent to Pope John Paul II, asking Our Holy Father for prayers.

Bishop Kaffer, of Joliet, was also contacted and he listened about the project. The Bishop said he would pray for my intentions. He sent me a prayer that he wrote on Calvary, Jerusalem on the feast of the Sacred Heart. June 29,1984. He asked me to say it every day and night and whenever possible throughout the day. In praying this praying to the Sacred Heart we were faithful in praying it daily.

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