God Speaks Through His Word

Upon arriving home, I was overcome with the desire to read the Bible. Opening at random, the scripture was from Isaiah, chapter 61 verses 4-6.

"Rebuild the ancient ruins."

I could not believe what I was reading, the Lord talking about rebuilding the Temple, which lay in ruins.

I was so exited, I ran into my daughters room and showed her the passage. She then opened her Bible at random, and as she set her Bible down on her bed to read my passage, the page flipped over and the text described the Lord gathering all the harvesters.

For the next six nights, when I came home from work, I opened the Bible at random and received the following passages:

  • Ezra - Chapter 4 Verse 24
  • Chronicles - Chapter 3 Verse 1
  • 1Maccabees - Chapter 10 Verse 38
  • Ezekiel - Chapter 40 Verse 1 (The New Temple)
  • Haggai - Chapter 1
  • Ezekiel - Chapter 43 verse 1 (Restoration/ Temple)

Every one of these seven passages refers to the rebuilding of the Temple. I was convinced now, that the Lord did not want this building torn down, but wanted His temple rebuilt. I will try to do whatever is necessary, with His guidance to accomplish this work.

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