Gaining Support

I began talking to priests in Naperville and Joliet, that I knew from the restaurant, sharing with them what was happening. One of them said, it intrigued him so much, because of the Bible passages. He wanted me to keep him posted on what would happen next, and he would pray that if it was God's will, it would happen.

Still contemplating on what the outcome of the election would be, believing in my heart that God would answer my prayers, I continued on this journey.

On October 27th, seven people, some the same and some new, visited the old Seminary. This time two construction men came with, to look at the conditions and to give their opinion. The answer was "YES!", it was still in sound shape structurally. The next week, the answer would come on the election, and we all waited patiently and prayed. The results were posted on November 4th. The park district lost the referendum, praise God.

The third visit to the building came on November 10th, 1998, and this time a civil engineer who worked on the Sears Tower, came with to examine it. He too, like the others, said it would be a big undertaking, but it could be done.

I do not know exactly how this will come about, but I believe the Lord has a plan. As guidance, Jesus did say:

"Focus on My Heart..... Take baby steps, do not try to rush with any mission.... Meditate and focus only on Me, and let Me guide you...."
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