Center Overview

Come with me by yourselves to some quiet place where you can rest for awhile.” (Mk 6:31)

Nestled on 33 acres in the scenic mountains of North Georgia, near Cleveland, the Sacred Heart Center for Peace shall provide a place where people can hear God speak to them in the silence of their hearts. The center shall promote spiritual renewal for those seeking a closer relationship with God, and also provide a place of pilgrimage. Founded in a Catholic based environment, the center shall be open to people of all faiths. Conferences, retreats, and many other activities shall be offered on a year round basis.

Why a Center in Georgia?

The ‘history’ of the Peace Center directs us to acknowledge that first and foremost, this is where Our Lord has called us, in honor of His Most Sacred Heart. Our community is thirsting for a spiritual experience with God. The Sacred Heart Center for Peace will be a tremendous channel of graces and haven of peace, so urgently needed during our present time of busyness, noise and confusion. All the teachings and views of the Center will in be in accordance with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

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